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10 Artists Who Make Music You Can Dance To

10 Artists Who Make Music You Can Dance To

If you are looking for a new set of songs for your dance class in Toronto, your birthday party, or just for your friends as you are getting ready for the night – you probably have to walk a delicate balance. You have to determine whether something is good enough to dance to, isn’t too slow, is popular enough that people know it, and isn’t too overplayed that everyone is sick of it.

How can you walk that line? Here are some of the most accessible artists who make music you can dance to, but the songs aren’t overplayed. Now, that isn’t to say that some of their songs aren’t overplayed, but you may have to dig deeper into their discographies to find some bops.

Dua Lipa

  • Don’t Start Now (Single)
  • Blow Your Mind (Dua Lipa)
  • Physical (Physical)

Dua Lipa is one of the only artists making music for people who love to dance and making popular music. Her music is high quality, high octane, and really great to dance to. Don’t be afraid to go into some of her more unknown stuff, it is worth your time.

Taylor Swift

  • Paper Rings (Lover)
  • Don’t Blame Me (Reputation)
  • I Wish You Would (1989)

So, Taylor Swift songs are pretty ubiquitous. There are a lot of them and many of them get played a bit – however, she also has some great dance songs that aren’t played all that often. Whether this is because they aren’t singles or because people haven’t picked them apart to determine who they are about, it doesn’t matter – you can still dance to them.


  • Water Me (Cuz I Love You)
  • Exactly How I Feel (Cuz I Love You)
  • Fitness (Fitness)

Lizzo has been a bit of revolution in the music industry, and her songs are almost all custom made for dancing – but she had quite a healthy career before most of us heard of her – and her early songs are some of her most popular. Sure we all know and dance to Truth Hurts, but there are some other bops.

Ed Sheeran

  • South Of The Border (Collaborations Project)
  • Shape Of You (Divide)
  • You Need Me (+)

Ed Sheeran is more than just a singer-songwriter with some of the best musical skills in the industry – he produces, writes, and sings some of the best songs for dancing. He does a lot of remixes, so you may have to dig into those to find something that you like.

Selena Gomez

  • Dance Again (Rare)
  • Me & The Rhythm (Revival)
  • Come & Get It (Stars Dance)

Selena Gomez isn’t one of the best singers of her generation, but she does produce some of the best music in it. Why? She has the uncanny ability to mix great lyrics with approachability and a good beat. If you haven’t, go into some of her oldest stuff when she was still a teenager – it is a treat.


  • Castle (Badlands)
  • Nightmare (Nightmare)
  • Bad At Love (Remixes)

Halsey is an artist that works dance into her live performances in unique, fun, and beautiful ways – and her music is designed for dancing. Many of her songs also get the remix treatment, so don’t be afraid to check those out. Of course, you could also learn the line dancing in her You Should Be Sad video!

Harry Styles

  • Watermelon Sugar (Watermelon Sugar)
  • Woman (Harry Styles)
  • Sign Of The Times (Sign Of The Times)

Harry Styles tends to be a bit more creative and inventive than people give him credit for – so don’t overlook his musical backstory. You may not be able to dance in a club to some of his music, but if you are taking a contemporary dance class in Toronto or want something that tells a story, don’t look any further.

Billie Eilish

  • When The Party’s Over
  • Ocean Eyes
  • Bad Guy

You may not be convinced of the ability to dance to Billie Eilish songs, but there have been so many dance videos recorded using her record-breaking music. Don’t overlook her (and the remixes of her songs).

Ariana Grande

  • Fake Smile (Thank U, Next)
  • Successful (Sweetener)
  • Bad Decisions (Dangerous Woman)

Ariana Grande has been known to create some great songs that almost everyone knows and dances to at some point – but look into her discography a little deeper and you will find some truly amazing things.

Camila Cabello

  • My Oh My (Romance)
  • Into It (Camila)
  • Shameless (Shameless)

Of course we all know Senorita is one of the best dance tracks of all time, but Camila has a lot of different influences on her music that keep it interesting and fun.

What are some of your favorite artists to dance to?

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay 

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